Sperm and Egg donor for Surrogacy

The newest technologies from Medical Center ADONIS Family help patients from the whole world to feel the whole range of baby birth emotions. We provide a unique experience and the most qualitative treatment for YOU!

Male infertility or women infertility can be overcome with the help of Surrogacy Programs on every request.

Surrogacy treatment in Ukraine

When you are ready to start the Surrogacy Program in ADONIS, there are several aspects you need to know about the Surrogacy treatment in Ukraine.

  • Genetic relation

One of the main obligatory aspects for Surrogacy infertility treatment in Ukraine is the genetic relation between the Intended parents and the baby. It can be possible when only one person of the couple provides the genetic material to conceive the healthy baby. The final decision about Surrogacy treatment indication is experienced doctor’s.

  • Surrogate relation

In the process of the Surrogacy Program, the Surrogate is responsible only for the baby carrying. The woman has no relation to the baby (both genetic and filiation), the Intended parents are considered to be the parents of the baby from the legal side.

  • Anonymity

Donation is fully anonymous in Ukraine as well as any medical information about the infertility treatment, diagnosis and Surrogacy processes. Both sides of the treatment in ADONIS Ukraine are totally protected from the side of legislation.

  • Legality

ADONIS Surrogacy Programs are totally legal and approved by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, and it’s norms. Our long-term partnership and stability of Surrogacy processes provides total safety and confidence for our patients.

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies successfully provides its services for more than 23 years, the Surrogate Programs operate for about 10 years. ADONIS Surrogacy on the territory of Ukraine can be experienced by officially married heterosexual couples (men and women).

ADONIS own biomaterial bank

Each unique case requires an individual approach and well-developed examination and treatment plan. According to the fertility problems of each couple, ADONIS professionals select the best way to reach the long awaited pregnancy.

It happens when one of the couple can not provide the genetic material for the Surrogacy process and IVF. In such a case, ADONIS ‘own biomaterial bank can offer the highest quality biomaterial – sperm donor and egg donor for Surrogacy.

Surrogacy sperm donation (or egg donation when a woman has fertility problems) helps thousands of people from around the world to have a healthy born child with the qualitative support of Medical Center ADONIS Family.

ADONIS own biomaterial bank – it is the highly technological selection of the donors which consists of several stages (diagnosis, approval, interviewing and readiness to start the program). We ensure that you receive the donors of the best health and heritage.

The Success Rate of the Surrogate Program in ADONIS Family is really high, and it offers the best hope that your dream will come true in the immediate future.

The choice of ADONIS Surrogacy is the choice of the progressive people.

When fertility problems become an obstacle for successful conceiving – ADONIS Family is the best medical establishment which will help you to overcome it for the best reproductive health. The widest variety of options and the total assurance of safety – ADONIS Infertility treatment is your right way.

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