The Ultimate Guide to the Usage of Newborn Diapers

The diaper innovation simply made the hectic life of parents mush easier. If you have recently had your first baby or about to have one, you might wonder about how many diapers you might need a day. Need not to worry as you will learn all about the proper usage of diapers along with the correct choice of size.

A Correct number of diapers you need:

In the initial few months after you have had your newborn, you will feel like you have got no other job but to change the diaper whole day. The number of diapers used by the baby will give you extra knowledge about your baby’s health.

Searching for the correct answer before the arrival of the newborn is a wise choice to make. Once they have arrived, you’ll have to observe and notice through the number of diapers used to indicate whether they are hydrated enough and getting the right amount to eat. When the wet diapers are less, it indicates dehydration and less poopy diapers may result in digestion issues mostly constipation. The average use of diapers according to the baby’s age is given below:

Newborn – 1 month:

Newborns as compared to older babies tend to use a greater number of diapers. Younger than a month old newborn usually wet their diapers at least six times a day.  This is the stage where your baby has 3 to 4 belly movements a day and whenever they eat, they pee. Adding these, you will need to change up to 10 – 12 diapers a day in the first month. Choose the Best Newborn Diapers that suit the sensitive skin of your baby.

1 month – 5 months:

As your baby grows and passes the initial month, you might have notices that the usage of diapers must have reduced. A baby when becomes a month old and till the 5th month, they use 8 to 10 diapers a day. When babies are fed with breast milk, they go through more diapers than the drinking formula. The breast milk digests easier than formula thus resulting in more bowel movements i.e. more diapers.

Over 5 months:

When your baby becomes older than 5 months, they will not have such frequent bowel movements. However, the stool they produce will be harder when fed formula and much softer when they are breastfed. At this stage, the baby will go through 8 diapers or less a day.

The right diaper sizes

The toughest part is to figure out the right size of diaper for your newborn. It is easier to choose newborn clothes than their diaper as diapers are not chosen according to the age of the baby but the weight. The box of the diaper might be labeled as “Newborn” but you need to check the range of weight mentioned on the box. The diaper shouldn’t be tight that leaves red marks nor loose that doesn’t stay. Newborn Diaper Review may help you choose the right diaper size for your newborn.

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