Kids stories: the perfect way to build good character of your child

Long, long ago, there was a child who loved to listen to the stories all day long.

Most of us have been that child once. Every child enjoys listening and reading good stories, and their minds wildly run with the imagination. Magical moments, dramatic plots, inspiring characters, and enchanting places fascinate them to transport their selves to that imaginary world. Creating stories for kids is true art, as it needs so much to think and ponder before writing it.

What children get from kids’ stories?

Curiosity is in the nature of every child, and they question a lot about every bit of the story, and it is important to satisfy them with some convincing answers. Stories play a vital role in developing a child’s character, and good stories allow children to explore their cultural roots, experience diverse cultures, insights into values and traditions, generate new ideas, universal life experiences and allow them to differentiate between right and wrong.

With so many physical and mental benefits, kid’s stories play a vital role in the character building of a child. That is why it becomes more important to select and write about particular topics, good and bad of characters, and what moral a story is trying to convey. Ronald Destra is the person who knows this art better than many others. He can deliver heavy topics more lightly and appealingly to the children, and his unique storyline attracts children and provides them lessons for their life.

Ronald Destra knows how to write kids stories:

Ronald Destra is an author, illustrator, publisher, and entrepreneur who creates characters of his stories in a way that inspire children most and set the plot of stories that keep the reader captivated till their end, and above all, a child not only can relate their imaginations with that story but understands the actual message hidden in it. He has a long list of outstandingly superb stories for kids that include:

  • Santa‚Äôs Little Helper
  • Fluffy the Bird
  • The Birthday Party
  • The Zoo
  • The Tattoo
  • The little Hero

Every story has its charm and attraction with an unforgettable message for kids that they love to read many times without getting bored.

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