Ukraine IVF clinics: ADONIS Medical Group

IVF technology is the next generation treatment of infertility. It’s proven, affordable and effective.

Among different Ukraine IVF clinics ADONIS International stands out due to the best personnel with great qualifications and fully equipped facilities for your medical treatment.

IVF technology essence

IVF procedure is considered to be a classic type of Assisted Reproductive Technologies.

The core principle of IVF includes the fusion of spermatozoa and oocytes outside the patient’s body, in a special glass tube (in vitro).

The embryo obtained from IVF procedure is transferred to the uterine cavity (of the patient or Surrogate mother on request). The further embryo development is taking place as during the usual pregnancy.

IVF technology benefits 

IVF is one of the most successful ways of treating infertility.

There are several benefits which reveal evident, especially when compare to other procedures:

  • IVF for complete infertility

In case one of the partners has a complete infertility (which has been unsuccessfully treated with professional medicine for the period of time from 9-12 months), IVF is almost the only way to have a genetically related baby.

  • IVF for partners with genetic issues

IVF can be undergone so as not to endanger your future baby, in case one of the partners has a genetic transmitted disease. After the IVF procedure is done, we provide the special PGD test (24 chromosomes) that help to examine the embryos and make the transfer of a completely healthy one. The IVF stages are totally safe and secure because only professional medical staff is responsible for it.

  • IVF for age partners

The activity of germ cells has an ability to decrease with age. So IVF is the way for such partners, especially for women whose organism tends to stop producing eggs with time. Use of an examined donor during IVF procedure will give you the chance of having a healthy baby and happy family.

ADONIS Ukraine and IVF

One of the major departments in ADONIS Ukraine is Reproductology and Fertility. For around a quarter of a century we have helped families to reach the mere happiness of parenting.

ADONIS Fertility Department provides a variety of treatment options according to specific cases and individual examination results.

We create exceptional conditions during the whole treatment process with the help of qualitative services and facilities:

  • ADONIS own test laboratory
  • ADONIS own Donor base
  • ADONIS own Cryobase
  • ADONIS own Surrogates database
  • ADONIS own Maternity Hospitals

We follow all worldwide security standards, so you can be totally sure of your safety.

IVF process in ADONIS is carried out in a totally sterile environment and only after thorough examination of all parties – partners’ genetic material or donor genetic material (on request).

Such a professional approach helps us to achieve really high IVF pregnancy rates including fresh or thawed genetic material usagе.

If you want to have more extensive information about ADONIC clinic or IVF direction, please, visit our website and stay tuned for updates. There you can get an acquaintance with our professional team of doctors and specialists.

Anyway, fill in the form to let our managers contact you and reveal the tiniest aspects of treatment.

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